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Mary Rochelle Burnham


"Story is at the heart of my work. Through my choices of color, composition, light and shadow, I strive to engage the viewer with all of the emotion and wonder my subjects have brought to me."

Mary's first time at the easel in kindergarten was the day she decided to grow up to become an artist. The thought of being able to bring her vision of reality to life, on a blank sheet of paper, completely captivated the young child and artist within. To this day, that desire is what drives Mary to paint and create.

Born and raised in Michigan, Mary Rochelle attended Wayne State University’s Fine Arts department. Later, she transferred to the prestigious Center for Creative Studies, College of Art and Design, where she became an illustration major. There she earned her BFA. She interned and was hired by Skidmore, Sahratian, Inc. which at that time was a major illustration studio in the Metropolitan Detroit area. After meeting her husband, she left to become a freelance artist.

Mary Rochelle has enjoyed a fulfilling career as a full time freelance artist, dividing her time between many art activities. Mary was a courtroom sketch artist whose work aired locally in the Detroit market, nationally and in the press. She created a successful business doing illustration work, commissioned portraits, teaching classes and workshops, as well as, drawing caricatures at parties and events. Mary Rochelle Burnham has built a reputation as a fine artist, earning her many awards with her paintings in juried art shows, both in Michigan and later Arizona.

Yearning to spend more time on her fine art, Mary Rochelle and her husband decided to pursue their dreams in Arizona where they could both enjoy the incredible landscape. They arrived in 2012.

Mary Rochelle Burnham specializes in commissioned portraits of people and pets. She paints almost daily and enjoys landscape, plein air, still life, portrait and figurative painting. She now works almost exclusively in oils.

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