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October’s Artist of the Month

Hildagard Szuklitsch :


Fiber artist of wearable art.

She always loved fashion and fabrics , everyday fashion was not for her so,  she started creating wearable art , jackets, purses, totes and skirts . She uses many different fabrics such as; Silks, Cotton's, Rayon, Velvet tapestry, Lace yarn, Embellishments and Appliqués.

While she is self-taught, creating and sewing comes naturally to her. Her wearable art is one of a kind, unique and beautiful. She has received many awards for my art. My highlight is beautiful south western ~Sedona jackets, purses, totes.  She also has designs featuring Route 66 jackets and matching accessories. Hildagard, has lived  in Sedona many years where she has displayed her wearable art in several galleries. Stop in to Hart of AZ Gallery to see her one of a kind  wearable art.

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